50 Uses for Vaseline


This is one of my favorite products from Vaseline, their Vitalizing Gel Body Oil. I keep it by the tub, and use it on my wet body before I dry off. It leaves you totally smooth and very nice and moisturized without being greasy (after a very few minutes anyway). They are not expensive, and totally worth a try.  Here is the ingredient list:  Hydrogenated Styrene, Butadiene Copolymer, Bertholletia Excelsa (Brazil Nut) Seed Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Fragrance

I have the classic Vaseline all over my house. Tubs of it. Everywhere! There are a zillion uses for it, and did you know half of those zillion are beauty related! Here are 50 uses for Vaseline that are totally beauty related (and one very seasonal one at the end that is not), so while you’re out trying something new from Vaseline, grab (another) tub of the classic Vaseline – I know you can put it to good use!

1. Put a coat on your eyelashes before you go to bed. Lots of people swear by this – and say it will make your lashes grow longer and thicker over time.

2. Put a coat of Vaseline on your feet at night, cover them with socks and wake up to softer feet – every day!

3. Put Vaseline on your elbows every day – they will stay soft!

4. Put Vaseline on your cuticles several times a day for softer and better looking cuticles every day.

5. Put Vaseline on chapped lips

6. Use Vaseline as lip gloss

7. Mix a little Vaseline with a little Kool-Aid powder and make a colored and flavored lip gloss!

8. Melt Vaseline and one chocolate chip in the microwave, mix and let resolidify for chocolate lip gloss!

9. Maintains perfume scent longer when applied at perfume points before spritzing the perfume.

10. Can be used as a moisturizer for acne sufferers (it is a misconception that it clogs pores)

11. Moisturizes severe dry skin

12. Use Vaseline on your knees to prevent that dry, ashy look

13. Mix with sea salts to make a scrub!

14. Applying Vaseline on your teeth prevents lips from sticking to teeth for celebrities and contestants in beauty pageants who smile a lot

15. Applied on teeth before applying lipstick prevents lipstick from sticking on them

16. Massage, baby!

17. Warmed up can be used as a night cream

18. Makeup remover

19. Protects skin exposed to adverse weather

20. Applied under eye shadow it can create a shiny effect

21. Applied on cheeks for a dewy look

22. Can be used to smooth and soothe skin after shaving

23. Used in manicures under cuticles

24. Gets rid of dry skin lines which can arise from washing

25. Lubricates ear lobes and helps to make earring insertion easy and painless

26. Keeps fingernails pliable and resilient

27. Use with your lipstick to create a cream blusher for your cheeks

28. Helps to ease off stuck on rings

29. Tames unruly eyebrows

30. Defines eyelashes and leaves them with a glossy and waterproof look

31. Conditions scalp pre-shampooing

32. Can help prevent chaffing

33. Aids with healing after cosmetic surgery procedures

34. Reduces scaling and itching associated with dandruff

35. Theraputic when applied to lesions caused by poison ivy

36. Can help improve condition of those with atopic eczema

37. Helps heal and protect new tattoos

38. Can protect against harmful hair dyeing, perming and straightening chemicals when used as a mask around the hairline

39. Use a tiny dab to put a quick shine on your shoes and bags

40. Smear a tiny bit on your hands and scrunch through your hair for a choppy look

41. Use just a touch on the ends of your hair to hide dry and split ends

42. Remove makeup stains from clothing

43. Rub Vaseline on the neck of your nail polish bottles and they won’t get stuck to the caps

44. Make your week old nail polish look new again – rub a small dab over the polish.

45. Use a touch of Vaseline mixed with powder eyeshadow pigment to make new colors, or a more solid eyeshadow that won’t get all over your face when you put it on.

46. Stretch your favorite lotion by mixing it with Vaseline.

47. Put Vaseline on your lips, leave it a few minutes, then scrub your lips with a toothbrush to exfoliate and leave them SO smooth

48. Remove false eyelash glue from your lash line

49. Apply a small amount on dry spots on your body before fake tanning lotions are applied, and prevent uneven tanning!

50. Generously apply Vaseline all over before taking flights to combat associated dryness

And just for fun, this one is totally not beauty related, but VERY timely – here is #51:

Once you carve your Halloween pumpkin, rub Vaseline on the exposed edges. it keeps it from rotting or going dry.

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  1. Vaseline is a petroleum derivative and a by-product of oil drilling. It is not good for you or the environment. Try organic plant based oils.

  2. sweeeet

  3. @ madrid:

    Thanks for the comment – I have been using it for a lot of years, as have a lot of people, and I just have to respectfully disagree. Besides we feed our family from the petroleum industry, so I can’t altogether diss them either. But I totally respect your opinion, thanks so much for taking the time to share it, Madrid. ;)

  4. vaseline rocks! and a tub lasts like, forever.

  5. Three warnings about petroleum jelly:
    Do not use it on burns (including sunburns) as it will trap the heat on your skin making the damage worse. Do not use it for nasal congestion or dryness because when inhaled can go into your lungs and cause lipoid pneumonia. Also, do not use on any latex product because it can weaken and damage it.

    On the environmental concerns:
    I found this great response to a similar topic discussion that might help expand on what Madrid commented.

    “Mineral oil is a refined byproduct of the distillation of gasoline from crude oil. It is a leftover liquid, and because it is abundant, it is very inexpensive. It also will not spoil. So mineral oil is used the main ingredient in baby oil, petroleum jelly and many lotions and cosmetics, especially lipstick.

    In a way, using this waste oil in consumer products is good environmental practice, because it is recycling a waste into another product rather than putting it into the environment.

    The reason mineral oil is not “natural” is because in the world of product labeling ingredients fall into two categories. Those made from petrochemicals are “manmade” or “synthetic” and those made from plants, animals, and minerals are “natural”. In this case, natural is the alternative to petrochemical. Yes, it all comes from nature originally, but this is the terminology that is used. So my comment was to say that a product cannot be labeled “natural” and contain an ingredient that is derived from a petrochemical.

    You are right that many products are made from oil. They are not unnatural regarding their source, but by the time they are processed, they are in a form that does not occur in nature. Our bodies cannot assimilate them. The environment can’t break them down. They are unrecognizable by the living processes of nature.” (source:

  6. Being created using oil has a downside and not just for the environment. Vaseline is in the red zone on being known to cause cancer as well. It probably won’t hurt you if you only use it a little, but think about the effects from 40 years of use. Gross.

  7. correction, the Vaseline 100% pure petroleum jelly is safe, but the intensive care line is the one that is bad for you.

  8. Wow! I never knew that petroleum jelly could be harmful.

    By the way, if you have ever taken Premarin – you know that is
    made upof horse urine.

  9. Vasoline is also good for stopping bloody noses. Cover a Q-tip with it and stick it up your bloody nose. I don’t know why it works but it does.

  10. “Wow! I never knew that petroleum jelly could be harmful.

    By the way, if you have ever taken Premarin – you know that is
    made upof horse urine.”

    Linda Howard, petroleum jelly is not harmful. Read the comment directly above yours, then visit the link in an older comment. 100% petroleum jelly is NOT harmful. Certain products made with it, using other chemicals, CAN BE.

    I’m not sure why you felt the need to clue us in on Premarin, but yes, it is made from estrogens extracted from the urine of pregnant mares. Take a gander at the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, and you’d be amazed at where many drugs come from.

    What does Premarin have to do with Vaseline? Odd.

    Sorry to be so incredibly off-topic. Great list!

  11. @ Sinjin:

    I really think that petroleum jelly has been used for so many years, that if there were any true problems with it, we would have seen them by now. I know there are a ton of people who totally disagree with me, but that’s ok. I think we all will be ok. :)

    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment (everyone)!

  12. @ Willow:

    That’s a good one Willow – thanks for sharing. :)

  13. Do not put vaseline on tattoos!!!!!

  14. For those looking for a safer, less controversial and more enviromentally friendly product try virgin coconut oil with some rose essential oil fabulous for hair, face, even shaving ones leg…leaves you feeling a tad tropical and luxuriously smooth…

  15. These are great ideas. I especially liked the kool aid and chocolate lip gloss ideas. I’ve been using vaseline for years, but it never occured to me to add kool aid or chocolate. Great!

  16. @ Magasiv:

    I love the chocolate – really. Yum yum. Let me know what you think when you try it!

  17. I tried it today … it’s great. Delicious! and it smells soooo good too! Thanx so much for the ideas.

  18. I used to have a vehicle that had a fan-belt that squealed when the air-conditioner was used. I simply kept a tub of vaseline in my car and when it started squealing, I shut the car off, popped the hood, and put some vaseline on the underside of the belt. Worked great and typically didn’t need to be reapplied until after a rain.

  19. The chocolate lip gloss idea sounds great; Will try it!

  20. On the days when I need a break from mascara, I rub some Vaseline on the lashes, It gives the appearance that I have a light coat of mascara on.

  21. Using it on tattoos makes the color fade and run and it doesn't let the wound breathe.

  22. really helpful..cant wait to try chocolate lip gloss..thanks for this cristina. god speed.

  23. Its true bad to put on fresh tattoos but once there healed, its amazing what it can do for the ink I would wait a good 6 weeks or more. Also I use it for anything that sticks.. Fixed my stroller wheel haha..

  24. I would think if you put vaseline on your lashes or around your eyes at night, or any other time, you would wake up with them stuck together, but then I’ve never tried it. And that it can be used as a make up remover; and you are talking about the regular old vaseline petroleum jeely in the jar that’s been sold for years? I’m amazed at the things above that it can be used for. I’ll be looking into some of these. Sounds a lot safer than some other products I’ve been reading about !

  25. I have used Vaseline all my life, and I’m now 54 yrs. old. My Mom used it on my cheeks when I went out in the cold as a child, and I used it on my kids too. I used it for about 99% of the listings above. Its GREAT stuff!! And it lasts like forever!! There is nothing better than Vaseline. However, Vaseline is not recommended for tattoos except for after the duration of the antibotic ointment. :)

  26. You can also put it on small cuts because it blocks it and stops it bleeding its good for when u pop zits.

  27. I love your ideas for mixing chocolate or Kool-aid for flavored lip gloss–although I’d try it with non-petroleum products if possible.

    I think the best use for Vaseline is for helping to stop bleeding. It is a wound-healer because it seals cuts off from the outside air and bacteria. Unfortunately I think by definition this does mean that it clogs pores.

    Another note: the Vitalizing Gel Body Oil contains Brazil Nut Seed Oil and Sweet Almond Oil–natural oils (although the first ingredient is still petroleum based.) If you like this Vaseline product, you may want to give purely natural oil-based products a try. I’d be curious to hear a review and comparison if you do!


  29. is it good for tattoos?

  30. I used vaseline from the first day of my pregnancy.
    I never got a tiny strach mark on my belly. After i gave a birth to my son, my skin went back to normal, without any marks. I works magic.

  31. Not to gross anyone out or anything, but another good thing it is for is…hemorrhoids and fissures.

  32. Opps…also wanted to mention that it is WONDERFUL for putting on newborn babies hands and feet. Lotion has too much water in it whereas Petroleum Jelly does not and soaks into the skin. Be careful though. If you do use it on the newborns hands, be sure to cover them up in mittens or a blanket so if they put their fingers in their mouths. My daughters doctor recommended this because her 3 week old baby’s hands and feet were very dry and scaly. Over night they became so soft and supple.

  33. can vaseline be used as a cure for dark lips? not caused from smoking or caffeine though
    because I’m having a pretty hard time dealing with it =(

  34. I don’t know if anyone still reads this posting, but I have another use for the Vaseline – you know those pants that you have to squeeze into? Try putting a dab of Vaseline on the zipper. There you go!!

  35. awesome!

  36. Vaseline makes your lips get dark!

  37. Vaseline is applied to tattoos before they are covered up with plastic wrap by a lot of tattoo artists. I wouldn’t use it on the scabs afterward as the drying and falling off of the scab is the healing of the skin and the sealing in of the ink. It does feel great on the tattooed skin right after they do the art though.

    Also is a great lube on nuts and bolts, screws, etc etc.

  38. I rub a small amouth of it on my face every night and when I wake up my face is smooth and soft and I have this glow to it. And I’ve realized that my makeup goes on so much smoother and lookes better. Vaseline is amazing.

  39. Wow!! Seems like this is the only thing you need. I can replace a lot of products by just vaseline. Thanks for sharing!!!

  40. Heya Dinky,

    I’ve got the same problem with dark lips even though I do not smoke or drink much caffeine. I usually rub a tiny amount of honey on my lips before I go to sleep, and use a lip balm with SPF 30 during the day. It works!

  41. Vaseline is a little pot of goo, that will save you a ton of money! This little investment will save you on lipgloss, mascara etc. I am going to tell EVERYONE about this website!

  42. when i had lice i put vaseline in my hair and put my hair in a ponytail and the lice crawled right to the ponytail and the lice was gone! disgusting, i know. but it works

  43. if it makes heat stay on your skin wouldn’t it age it? i use it round my eyes but worry about fine lines…

  44. i realize no comments have been added sense ’08 but NEVER NEVER use Vaseline on a new Tattoo. It is highly frowned upon in the tattoo industry. well to those who at least know what the hell they are doing.

  45. What a wonderful website! I also have the eye worry – I use vaseline round my eyes to moisturise them and try and reduce dark circles, but is using vaseline for this good for them?

    Another tip to to clean an old mascara brush and apply vaseline using that either on a break from mascara day or before bed at night, also great for taming eyebrows with the same brush!


  46. as a beauty therapist i always use vasaline, a small amount applied to moles,blemishes,cuts,psoriasis and other skin irritations, it acts as a barrier and protects the area during wax treatments.

  47. What a great article! Thanks for sharing. Need to go get some vaseline now!

  48. I love vaseline. After I wash my face at night, I smear on an anti-oxidant lotion, and after that absorbs, I lock it in with a layer of vaseline, and go to bed. When I wake up, I wash my face, and my skin looks so DEWY and young (without being shiny) I’m 8 years older than my sister, and my skin looks better than hers.

    I also use sunscreen spf 35 during the daytime, and she tans and eats a lot more sugar than I do, so maybe that has something to do with it also.

    Sugar oxidizes your cells and causes damage… and tanning is horrible when it comes to aging your skin.

  49. you shouldn’t use vaseline on tattoos, it can cause it to heal wrong.

  50. where u did you get the fact that “vaseline is not pore-clogging”?

  51. Yeah, I doubt Vaseline is foolproof. It does have it’s negative effects, clogging pores and bioaccumulation but I use it for removing make-up.

    The pros outnumbers the cons and it’s so versatile. I wouldn’t suggest using it as a lotion. I tried it once and it felt so greasy and it made my skin shiny.

  52. i plucked way too much of my eyebrows and i was wondering if vaseline helps grow eyebrows back? or if anyone has any other good methods it would really help me out !
    thanx. =)

  53. Wow, who knew? Great article on 50 ways to use Vaseline. Thanks I’m going to try many of these for sure :)

  54. I use Vaseline when it’s cold outside (in the winter) on my hands and put my gloves on–keeps them nice and warm!

  55. Oh wow. I only ever used it on my lips, now i have 50 other uses! Thanks, by the way. Loved number 51 ;)

  56. I used it on my eyelashes and they already look longer!

  57. I put a small amount of vaseline on the tip of my finger and rub it in a circular motion around my anus hole for about 30 seconds and it doesn’t itch for the rest of the day. I do this everyday before work

  58. Vasoline can also be used to smother ticks and make them easier to remove. I use it every night before going to bed, and my skin looks dewy. Try a very light layer around eyes before makeup application to fill fine lines

  59. I learned this trick and its amazing! You know when you wear heels and you get horrible blisters on the back of your ankle or on the tops where the edges are? Put a layer of vaseline on your trouble spots and blisters wont happen!

  60. Great list! I’ll have to try some of these (like chocolate lip gloss – yum!)
    I put a thin layer of Vaseline on my face and lips every night. When I wake up it looks all glowy:)
    That stuff is magic! Haha:)

  61. I currently split my lip and vaseline healed it in about 2 days!!!!!!

  62. Great job. All tips are really helpful. :)

  63. @kelly you have to be careful if the shoes are leather as it could cause some damage…

  64. i love vaseline i do this trick every night where i first wash my face with clean and clear scrub,(4pm) then i put vaseline all over my face, take about a 2 hour nap & when i wake up (7pm)i wash off again with clean and clear. & when im about to go to bed i use proactiv (9pm). this keeps my skin so clear and i never get pimples anymore. proactiv didnt work by itself with me so i found this out, & its true that you’re eyelashes grow! :) vaseline is my beauty secret i LOVE IT!

  65. These are great tips. I like the idea of making your own chocolate lip gloss.

  66. Vaseline is great for baby diaper rash. I put a thick layer on before bed and in the morning my son’s diaper rash is gone.

  67. NEVER EVER EVER put Vaseline on a tattoo. EVER

  68. Corrolary to #25: It will help you get any healed piercing in and out – although I never have issues with my ears, I sometimes need to use a bit of it for my belly ring.

  69. Please, NEVER put vaseline on healing tattoos, it will leave it blotchy and uneven. Your tattoo needs to dry and peel.

  70. wow!! i only use to use vasoline on my lips as a moisturizer and gloss but now im finally going to be able to get the the next 99% of my tub of vasoline(which i had for about 3 years lready!!!) this stuff last so long and is cheap!! i can replace lip gloss, chapstick, mascara and moisturizer for only about 4$ a year!

    im trying the eyelash thing right now for the first time, hope it works :) and i was wondering if i can put it on my face and not get pimples(im a teenager lol)

  71. VASELINE DOES NOT CLOG PORES! Please read the jar. It is non-comedogenic. Your body absorbs it over time. Breaks it down. If you are worried about waking up greasy. You won’t. So many people are making assumptions, but are not even looking at any facts. I have very sensitive and acne prone skin. Everything makes my face break out. I wash my face with a soap free and fragrance free cleanser and then rub on some Vaseline before bed. It is the only thing that works for me.

  72. Yeah, it’s good for when you pop zits or any other minor cuts. Helps stop the bleeding. I wipe it off after the bleeding stops and it heals better like nothing happened although with a smaller scab or no scab at all, impossible to tell that I pricked myself. I don’t always use it for other cuts though, for cuts the best thing to do is to just let it dry though that doesn’t happen until it stops bleeding.
    Oh yeah, if you get cuts on your finger (you know, on the thick padded skin which doesn’t heal fast and is prone to infection?). The first thing you do is wash it out to clean it an put a band-aid on it. I don’t like waterproof band-aid unless I absolutely have to, your skin can’t breathe and traps moisture, which makes it worse so it’s better to use cloth band-aids . Once you get home rise it (option) and then blowdry it. After that if you can go without a band aid go without it, if not, cut off a bit of band aid and put it on top of the cut. The key to healing wounds fast is to let it dry up and clot without infection.

  73. The petroleum molecules are too big to clog the pores of your skin. Trust me, I’m a dermatologist.

  74. ive been dying to find out how to make my eyelashes grow longer and thicker, then i didnt kno that vaseline would be one of the best and cheapest to use! geez, so right after i read this i went out to buy one haha. i bought vaseline supposedly just for my eyelashes but wow i didnt kno theres sooooooooooooooooooooooooo many other things i can use vaseline for. awesome. im sharing this to my friends!!

    btw, i dnt wanna sound stupidd or anything, but how do i exactly apply vaseline to my hair. i mean i read this article saying it can also prevent frizzzzyy hair and i dnt kno exactly how im goin to do it. i mean like put them all over to my hair like putting conditioner or smething. would that really help my hair to get really smooth tho??

    and if applying to face, is it bad if theres some pimple in some area?i dnt have any, but in case.

    i dnt need answers right away,but yea id love to hear sme advice/suggestions ;) thanks!

  75. Its a petroleum product….remember the Exxon Valdez????????

  76. I love this product! My best friend(especially in the cold winter months).

  77. Hey!

    I use vaseline on zips especially on invisible zips as it helps them to glide smoothly, great for catwalk shows :)

  78. Use #52 – Vaseline is great if your cat gets hairballs. Just dab a little bit on your cat’s nose, he’ll lick it off and it will coat his digestive tract. He’ll stop coughing immediately!

  79. You can also use it on cold sores to stop them spreading :D

  80. I put vaseline on zippers so they could glide easily.

  81. Maybe it works good because it’s winter but I’ve been using vaseline to lock in my nightly face moisturizer. Its really weird, I thought it would make me break out or make my face greasy, but I always wake up with perfectly soft flawless skin! I don’t even have to wash my face in the morning. I’m all about these DIY tips! I even started using baking soda to whiten my teeth & wash my hair!

  82. I’ve been using vaeline around and under my eyes at night. I know the skin around eyes is sensitive. Is it ok to use vaseline for that? Thanks

  83. I adore Vaseline.
    Coming from a 13 year old who has suffered from Atopic Dermatitis, Eczema and dry skin, this cheap product is a miracle worker! I use it as a face mosturiser and for my eyes.
    Everyone tells me my best feature is my hazel eyes, so i like to take advantage of that.
    I strongly advise people who long for thicker, longer eyelashes to use petroleum jelly. Just apply a thick amount to your finger and run it smoothly and carefully along the tip of your eyelashes. I’m so happy I discovered this because my eyelashes feel and look amazing, and have grown unbelievably lengthy!
    Also for glowing eyelids, apply a thick amount to your finger, dab it on and watch your eyelids sparkle. Even if you’re frowning, your eyes will continue to smile even if your mouth isn’t.
    Thank you,

  84. wow wat a great vaseline…nvr seen such a wonderful product in a very cheap price…actually im from malaysia..n i just get a vaseline tub for rm1…n so0o0 many wonderful thing i do from it…thank vaseline love u alo….

  85. Really random but it’s really good to help the hair grow back on horses who have gotten cuts or scratches (a type of fungus that causes the hair to fall off). Because of this I can certainly see how it would help your eyelashes grow…I’d even bet that it would make your head hair grow too! This is such a nice tip; I had a horse once with a bunch of little nicks and after applying this for a couple of weeks he looked perfect. It made going into the show ring so much less stressful :-)

  86. Thank you for these wonderful ideas! I am going to try them all! What else is Vaseline good for?

  87. i use vaseline over my body at least 1 time mo. it is a great
    detoxifier for all those little creatures we cannot see under our skin. coffee (fine ground)mixed with vaseline is a tasty lip gloss, thanks for vaseline on car fan belt, mine makes lots of noise. if you get a chance read biography of vaseline inventor Robert Cheesbrough. vaseline has been around for a long time, to my knowledge no one has ever been harmed by it.
    i occasionally give my dogs a bite to keep them cleaned out, they do fine.

  88. I’m not sure if anyone is still reading this but I just wanted to share this web page

    I explains that, even though vaseline petroleum jelly is made from petroleum, it is highly refined and any carcigens and other harmful substances have been removed. There is no cancer link, or any other harmful side effects, to using vaseline petroleum jelly.

  89. i use it on my eyelashes every night! its fabulous. the only problem is that my long full eyelashes really hurt when i get one in my eye haha :)

  90. I read through the list of comments about vaseline. I have suddenyl started to get really bad rash and acne on my face and some areas of my body. Some are due to ingrowing hair and others I am unsure about. Never had this problem before and my self esteem has really been affected by it. My skin basially hurts and is very very dry on top of it. Can vaseline help clear up acne? The skin around the acne is always dry and my skin just cracks leaving marks. Can vaseline help fade marks? Appreciate your advise. Thanks

  91. How do you apply the vaseline to your eyelashes ?

  92. My husband has suffered terribly from exzema over the years. Someone told him about lathering himself with it while still wet after shower is finished. It has done wonders for him the last 6 months! Also, it is fabulous for cracked heels. Use generously on feet (esp. heels) then sock your feet before a workout (or bed). You’d think it’d be really goopy, but the skin does absorb it very well and leaves your skin quite soft. I’ll have to try it on my face and eyelashes. Thanks for the info! : )

  93. Well i am a fan of Vaseline.. i have tried it on feet and lips..and over night my lips and feet both were softer than ever.. thanks for sharing other uses.. :)

  94. well my mom has been using petroleum jelly for about 20 years and she still doesn’t have cancer, shes 48 now. I love the stuff, best moisturizer ever. makes hands feel amazing after washing the dishes and great for hair!

  95. i ride horses and compete, i put it on their faces and it keeps it shiny all day!

  96. Thanks so much, Christina, for writing this article! I think you should remove the tips where you put Vaseline on fresh tattoos though. According to most people here–if not all–Vaseline on tattoos is a must-not.

    Thanks again, Christina. :)

  97. By the way, Vaseline with eyeshadow pigments can also become a cream eyeshadow. If the eyeshadow is light enough, let it be a highlighter. If it’s dark enough, let it be a bronzer.
    The chocolate chip idea is good. You can also use hot chocolate powder–it tastes different but still good.

    I use Vaseline on my eyelashes, eyebrows, and lips every night. This article is really helpful.

  98. I like all the uses.
    I don’t vaseline have 50 uses.
    But do use vaseline for dark circles?
    We may apply it on dark circles?
    Do we get good result or not?

  99. ok i totally disagree that vaseline is harmefull because if it was why would they still be selling it

  100. #25 shouldn’t be on this list. Yeah, it my help, but it also helps bacteria growth. If you want something to help, go look at tattoo piercing sites. Or if you’re not too scared, ask the kids with big holes in their ears. ;D

  101. Ive been applying vaseline on my eyelashes every night for about a week and i can see the results visible.I could see my eyelashs have grown thicker and longer.
    Vaseline truly works wonders..just love it…:)

  102. Vaseline is a petroleum derivative and a by-product of oil drilling. It is not good for you or the environment. Try organic plant based oils.

    i have to agree. the problem with vaseline is that is stays on top of your skin and does not go beneth where your skin truely needs to be moisturized thats why it’s something you have to use every day. good moisturizers treat the problem not a symtom

  103. Umm… This is sort of a wierd question, but if Vaseline makes hair grow, wouldn’t it make your face hairy if you used it as a moisturiser???

  104. I use it when my fingers peal around my nails. Works like a charm.

    It’s also a great lubricant(; If you know what I mean.

  105. Just read this and although it is an old post… want to add that my new dermatologist last week removed some moles that were abnormal and my instruction was to put vaseline on them until healed. I’m not sure yet I’m doing it.. that’s what the dr ordered…??? sometimes I wonder if the old fashioned vaseline on body things, castor oil weekly, etc etc had something to them! :-) Happy New Year all! blessings…

  106. I had a very scaly cheeks for a long time and tried medication that was given to me to use and did not help to heal the problem. I tried to use vaseline by chance and it started to heal. I now use it every night and it is completely cured.
    I follow all of the tips that was suggested, thank you much.

  107. Thank you for the great tips. I had problems with my scaly
    cheeks and it did cure my cheeks within a week. Thank you.

  108. Don’t use vasoline on tattoos, using vasoline or triple antibiotic ointments (Neosporin) will pull color out of the tattoo and make it look blotched. Although vasoline is used by some during the tattoo process it’s not wise to use it after the tattoo, it’s main use during the tattoo is to help the needles glide along your skin. Instead use a lotion without any scent to moisten your skin, if the lotion has a scent it’ll have the same affect as using vasoline or ointment.
    Source: I’m a tattoo artist, and have several of my own.

  109. I use Vaseline all the time for most of these reasons! I think it was passed down from my mom because she always used it too. Just read a an article about lip exfoliation with a toothbrush at, great way to use Vaseline!

  110. Four weeks ago I developed itching and swelling on the skin above my eyelid and below my eyebrows (not on the eyelid). Hadn’t changed any toiletries brands, eaten anything unusual and although we were abroad and in the sun, I spend months in the sun at other times of the year without any problems. A local chemist gave me some opthalmic hydrocortisone, which I used sparingly (I believe such preparations can thin the skin.) It improved but then it came back when I stopped using it. Tried Eumovate (again very sparingly) and that’s cleared it in two applications, but because I’m nervous about stirring it up again with my normal moisturiser, the skin is now very dry and rough. Wondered whether it would be safe to use Vaseline. Any ideas?

  111. can u still do all this stuff if you have the lipbalm instead of the pot?? :) plz reply

  112. To Cheryl
    At my daughter’s follow-up visit with her surgeon, the doctor told us to apply vaseline to her three incisions to promote better, quicker healing. We did and it definitely worked. Two of the incisions are barely noticeable and the third is gone.


  114. I come from a family of tattoo artists and am a tattoo artist myself, I use vaseline during the process of doing the tattoo it help the needle glide n it also helps the ink stick but during the healing process I stronqly advise you not too use it on the tattoo it pulls the ink out and makes it very light don’t use lotions either it will dry out the tattoo, use carmex on small tattoos or the ointment the artist at the shop gives you. :)

  115. strip naked, cover your entire body in vaseline, and pretend you are a slug!!

  116. Its better to use bepanthen on tattoo’s but vaseline can be used but my brothers who both have a few tattoo’s said that it doesnt help heal them at all really!!But anyway i love this list and i’ve tried most of them :) xx

  117. thank you forthe tips they r amazing! :D

  118. Dear Christina,
    I will be 35 years old in 5 months and i’m told everyday hopw I look 25. I’ve been using Vaseline and vitamin E oil for years. I’m shocked by the comments some people are leaving I grew up with this product as millions of people have and personally never heard of ANY CASE of Vaseline causing harm to anyone.
    Island Girl from Guam

  119. I feel like a lot of these are the same thing worded differently.

  120. Im a huge fan of vaseline! Especially on my lashes. It keeps them moisturized and conditioned. If you think about it they cant produce their own oil therefore they need moisture. I think its improved the thickness and length. I apply it on my lashes, around my eyes, and on my eye brows. Its not proven to make hair grow but it did help my eye brows grow. Must have beauty secret!

  121. I just recently heard about putting Vaseline on your eyelashes before bed, I’ve been doing it every night for the past week. It really does work! My eyelashes looked longer and thicker even the next day! I’m hoping I continue to see these results. :) Thanks for all the tips!

  122. Just because a label states that something is “non-comedogenic” doesn’t mean it is. In fact, most of the time products that claim this ARE actually comedogenic. This can be proven simply by reading the label and comparing the ingredients to a comedogenic scale list, these have been scientifically proven and tested in a lab setting. The way companies get away fake claims about being non-comedogenic when they actually are is that the research has found only 30% of skin are prone to acne from comedogenic products (you know who you are!). Therefore the lucky 70% of people who don’t have this problem loudly drown out those who do. companies can say, oh most of our customers don’t have a problem. and they are right, 70% of people won’t. My suggestions are if you are one of the 30% and have issues with pore clogging: google “comedogenicity rating” and print out one that has everything in alphabetical order for your easy reference. Comedogenicity ranking is also called a “COM scale” If you have sensitive skins find one that also has the “IRR scale” = irritation causing. Check your ingredients lists on all your skincare and makeup and avoid products with high ratings in them (4 – 5). Also avoid those with moderate ratings if they appear near the top of an ingredients list (rating of 2 – 3). If a moderately comedogenic ingredient appears near the end it will probably be ok. Ok now for some examples. Did you know that Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is actually comedogenic? ie MOST shower gels, shampoos, and your “oil free” face wash actually clogs pores (in the 30% of people) and cause the very acne you are trying to treat!! did you know that (some) red F,D & C color pigments found in your blush and lip products causes breakouts also? Its not intuitive but once you keep that list with you in your handbag for shopping trips and another copy on your makeup table you will learn very quickly how to scan an ingredients list in seconds and not buy or use what causes the problem and get clear skin for good. It worked for me. By the way, Petrolatum, the Vaseline we are talking about, is rated a 0 for pore clogging and 0 for skin irritation. It is non-comedogenic and not skin irritating, as long as it is a purified cosmetic grade like Vaseline brand or similar. Hope this clears everything up! (pun)

  123. Honey…my grandma used Vaseline on her face every day of her life..coming from Kansas..she lived to 98..without a wrinkle…you decide ! :)

  124. I like Vit. E oil because it is natural and does a great job on my lips and cheeks anywhere really. I also use Vit. E moisterizing skin cream on my legs, arms, anywhere that’s dry. I put it on my feet, let it dry and then put socks on. Just a thought if you want to stay about from Vaseline. :)

  125. I love this article…I have been using it for years and it’s GREAT! Thanks for sharing.

  126. Thank you so much for this great article and the recipes. If you knew I never believed in all the benefits and uses PJ has for beauty until I met a friend of my grandma who’s been using it for almost everything since she was in her 20’s. She is over 70 and looks 50!!!! I’m not kidding That lady’s skin and hair are amazing!! She has not one wrinkle in her face, hands or anywhere else.

  127. I love vaseline for everything. Bet ya didn’t know you can also start a campfire with it. Yup it’s quite flammable. Take some cotton balls cover them with vaseline put them in something like an Altoids tin with a lid. Add a steel rod and a hacksaw blade And boom water proof fire starter..

  128. God bless you, Christina! I pinned a link of this onto Pinterest, and I got almost 150 repins of it! People must like your taste, eh? Love you girl, thanks for sharing!

    P.S Make sure you quickly go and follow me on Pinterest! My goal is 1000 followers(:

  129. I used it on my car door hinge to stop squeaking. I’ve actually used it on a lot of things for that same purpose.

  130. When I read this article I was so surprised by all the uses of Vaseline. But I have a question can this help promote hair growth or at least give healthier hair?
    I’m going to try using the Vaseline on the face and eyelash?
    Also can this really cure acne. I’m 14 and have moderate acne, that I at least want to stop being so red

  131. can i put the vaseline under our eyes and leave it on, at night while we sleep? to let the eyelashes grow longer ? please answer it :) thank you

  132. i prefer dog oil

  133. Ok, I just have to respond! I was recently diagnosed with eczema on my face. I went to the dermatologist and for $200 she told me to use Vaseline, at night. Worked like a miracle. Prior to the visit to the dermatologist I had spent a couple hundred dollars on facial moisturerizers. Nothing worked, almost all of them, including aveeno, burned terribly. Wish I would have seen this before I spent all the money and a dr. bill!

  134. Another great use is to apply It on your body before working out. It helps you sweat more, thus burn more fat.

  135. I used it a lot until i found out that ALL Vaseline products are tested on animals! )-:

    Other HIGH concerns: Contamination concerns, Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive) and after you open that link and read you can also read what it means when speakings of PAHS There are MANY things that are extremly harmful to us. Just because they have been used for years DOES NOT MAKE THEM SAFE!!! Doctors used to prescribe smoking for nerves and stress issues!! look how many drugs are pulled from shelves AFTER multi deaths and lawsuits…. many times if more lives are saved then ended a known dangerous drug or chemical is left alone… Want to know why we havent gone to electric or other fueled vehicles? think… without gasoline use what would happen to cosmetics? plastics? so many other things are made off of crude… TOO MANY people getting rich ….. so keep believing all this is safe… Oh and soon milk will have aspartame in it so it will be sweeter so kids will want to drink it… and it wont be labeled….. yeah seriously look that crap up..

  137. Great for people with toe nail fungus too. Smear on at night and then wear socks to bed. It clears it up in a few weeks and makes your toe nails soft and clear again. Mine were in bad shape, thick and yellow and now they look like baby toes. No kidding, its great.!! You could try it during the day if you don’t like wearing socks at night

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  144. […] Here’s a list of other ways Vaseline may be helpful to you. (The teeth trick is good if you wear a lot of lipstick!) […]

  145. […] Here’s a list of other ways Vaseline may be helpful to you. (The teeth trick is good if you wear a lot of lipstick!) […]

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