From Beautyfix 1: Kronos Phyx

beautyfix-kronos-phyx Kronos Phyx is another product from Beautyfix that is absolutely one of my favorites.  I think probably I would have to name this one as my absolute fave, as it seems to be the one that I rave about over and over to friends.  It is a moisturizer/conditioning treatment for hair that is designed for use overnight.  If you are anything like me, you have spent your fair share of nights with goopy conditioner in your hair, maybe wrapped up in a towel or a Turbee Twist that falls off after you fall asleep and you goo your pillow.  You don’t sleep well because of that cold goop in your hair, and you can’t wait to get up and wash it out the next morning.  Then you thank God that you don’t have to do THAT again for awhile.

If you have been through that above scenario, Kronos Phyx might just be for you then.  It sure is for me.  The texture is a semi light lotion, and it comes in a pump bottle.  Before bed, you pump some out (I use about 15 pumps and have medium length really thick hair), and spread it through your hair – your dry hair.  I generally apply it to the bottom half of my hair, concentrating on the hair at the nape of my neck where it is the driest.   Your driest hair may well be the top layer that is exposed to the elements the most.  Within a few minutes, it really soaks in, not leaving any sort of goopiness behind.  You don’t need your towel, and your pillow will not get goopy.  The next morning you wash it out.  Not much easier than that. 

As I mentioned, my hair is really thick and it is course and medium/long.  I never wash the Phyx out of my hair.  For my hair, it fully absorbs and it leaves my hair amazingly shiny and healthy looking.   I have used a variety of products to try to make that hair at the nape of my neck more normal – the most success I had had prior to Phyx was with the Ojon treatment.  But, this Phyx is better.

You will get a full size bottle of Phyx (4 oz) in the Beautyfix kit, or you can buy it at Dermstore.com for $105.  I know that is a whopping price, but honestly, if you have the need for it, it is a truly amazing product and one that I will use sparingly and I guarantee you I will rebuy when I run out. I do want to say too that this was one of the favorites all across the panel of multi cultural (and definitely multi-hair typed!) beauty bloggers and stylists  that tested these products. 

If you try it in this quarter’s Beautyfix, or if you try it otherwise, please let me know your thoughts – I really think you’ll be amazed!

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  1. Is this product for the hair only or also for the scalp? Thanks!

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