Steam Creams and Oils

steamcreamDo you need a super relaxing treatment that will benefit your hair and your senses?  You definitely should try a Steam treatment.  This is the home version of the Steam Salon’s hair treatment, and it is so nice and very relaxing. 

This is a 2 step process – the first step is a scalp oil.  You choose one of two scents, then dash a few drops onto your scalp.  The second step is the hair oil – you pour a little pool of oil into your hand and work it through your hair strands.  You then proceed to sit back, and massage the heck out of your scalp.  I can’t tell you how nice this is, really.  Then you wrap your hair up in a towel (or SC&O’s awesome bamboo head wrap) and relax for 20 minutes to overnight.   Wash the oils out of your hair in the morning.  There is also an herbal supplement available that you can use as a third step towards good healthy hair.

Here is a super peaceful video on how to do this that will explain much better:

I can’t speak for fine, thin headed folks too much, but the oils washed out of my thick coarse hair just fine – not leaving me oily or limp at all the next day. 

I do have to say one funny thing – the first time I did this, a few weeks ago, I put the treatment in my hair.  Then I woke up the next day with a high fever, just sick as a dog (a nasty little virus going around).  I didn’t take a bath for 2 days – and let me tell you, with my hair full of oils, I looked some kind of rough.  But, no harm no foul – when I felt better and up to bathing, it washed right on out.  And at least I had the wonderful scents of the oils to help make me feel as good as I could during that wretched illness. 

You can buy the whole three step Healthy Hair System online for $89 – this is exactly what I would recommend.  It comes with one scalp oil, one hair oil, one bottle of supplements, one hair wrap (I must have one of these!) and one wooden bristle hair brush (really nice to distribute the oils, or conditioner, or anything else you might be distributing through your hair).  You can also buy each of the pieces separately if you wish. 

I have to say this would really make quite a nice Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetie too, but only if you promise to sit behind her and do the scalp massage while she lays back and relaxes.  Deal?

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