Semi-Permanent Keratin Hair Straightening – Part 1 – Clarifying Shampoo

Part of my Christmas gift to my 16 year old daughter, Zoe, is Semi Permanent keratin hair straightening (a la Brazilian Blowout).  As is my DIY loving nature, we are doing it at home.  (Note to hubby:  While we have spent $100 on product for this, we are saving you about $500 for two hair treatments, as we are doing me too!).  The first important step of the straightening process is a clarifying shampoo, and as is in my frugal DIY nature, we are making this at home.  It is super easy to make a clarifying shampoo at home, and it is really something you should do on a fairly regular basis, especially if you are a product girl, and use gels, mousses, hairsprays and God-knows-what-else in your hair every day. 

ahbox All you do is take the regular amount of shampoo you would use for 2 washings, and add half as much baking soda to it (1/4 cup shampoo + 1/8 cup baking soda).  Stir it up and wash your hair with it.  First washing, leave it in for 2 minutes before you rinse, and wash twice.  You will really be surprised how much gunk is in your hair after you think it is clean, and not only will your hair straightening go better, your hair styling in general will be better and your hair will be shinier and have a lot more body in it.  Do this once a month.   

To help get the *gunk* out of your hair on a daily basis, be sure and let warm water really run through your hair for a few minutes before you start the washing process.  This will melt a lot of the product in your hair and rinse it down the drain before you even get out the shampoo, and will prevent a lot of the buildup that we are going to get out with the clarifying shampoo.

I think we are going to do the straightening this afternoon (if Zoe makes it out of bed someday soon), so much more to follow!  I hope you’re all having a fun pre Christmas week!  Joy to the world! 


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5 Responses to “Semi-Permanent Keratin Hair Straightening – Part 1 – Clarifying Shampoo”

  1. well… how did it go? Loved the tip on clarifying shampoo and am dying to know how the straightening went and what product(s) you used totally $100 .. please post! Thx!

  2. very curious how the hair straightening went! please share! i’m considering the brazilian blowout myself!

  3. I’ll have to try it. I’ve also been hearing a lot about Keratin hair products.

  4. These two can not be compared. The Brazilian Blowout may cost you a bit more depending on where you live but works so much better than shampoo. Brazilian Blowout last about 12 weeks and get 100% of the frizz out while the shampoo does not. Depending on the outcome you are looking for. But if you have frizzy, unruly,no shine I would recommend Brazilian Blowout for sure.

  5. I remember when my friend got this treatment. For her hair was good for a couple weeks but then due to the lack of moisture her hair started to break off. Her experiences complete turned my off of the Brazilian keratin treatment. I am curious how this treatment went for you.

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